As someone who really takes digital marketing serious in her career, I feel a little hesitate to admit that I am not a big “app user”. It didn’t take me long at all to count all the apps I downloaded onto my Blackberry Torch. Guess what? I only have total eight apps (exclude the pre-existing ones that come with the phone). On the other hand, my roommate, who is a graphic design student in Parsons, has over 70 apps on her iphone and she claims “they are ALL necessary apps she uses frequently”. Amazing!

All my apps are tools, whether it’s a navigation app or an instant messenger. They provide me direct and instant access to information or communication I need.  I don’t have a favorite app as they are all function-based, but I do use some of the apps almost in daily basis.  The most used app on my cell phone is “The Weather Channel”. I use it every morning to check the weather. It’s a decent app. Simple and easy to use. I can easily change from Fahrenheit to Celsius or vice versa when viewing the temperature. It’s one of the most popular apps in Blackberry App World as it has 5590 review with a 4.5 out 5 rating.


However, recently I did find out some “disturbing and ugly” truth about “The Weather Channel”. Its app for Iphone looks much nicer! It has a customizable background (or you can let the background change according to the weather conditions), easier to switch among locations, cleaner interface etc.

The Weather Channel BlackBerry Interface

The Weather Channel BlackBerry Interface

The Weather Channel Iphone Interface

The Weather Channel Iphone Interface

I have to admit i am very jealous of you iphone users! But will I switch from Blackberry to Iphone? haha… probably not. Despite the fact that Apple store and Google Play have over 700,000 apps and blackberry only has about 100,000 apps, I am still happy with my BlackBerry Torch.  (or maybe BlackBerry 10 soon 🙂 )


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