Sometimes don’t you just wish that you are good at drawing your ideas?  I lose count of how many times when I  have some interesting ideas in mind, but give it up when I try to explain it to other people and they look at me.. with confusion.  They just cannot picture what I have in mind!

Dealing with this kind of embarrassing situations, I have two solutions . One is to really practice my communication skill or writing skill. (Either one sounds difficult and time consuming) The other one is to sketch out my idea.  A Picture is always worth a thousand words, right?  The drawback is if I can’t draw, I am doomed.

Thanks to technology, people like me (who can’t really draw) are able to come up a quick sketch on the computer using wireframing tools like Balsamiq Mockups and present our ideas visually.

Homepage Wireframe

Homepage Wireframe

The wireframing tool is very easy to use. It takes me a little while to get familiar with it. But after that, it’s all up to my imagination and creativity! So I  play around with Balsamiq and sketch out my blog. The homepage will look at this —>

Pretty self explanatory.

"About Me" wireframe

“About Me” wireframe

The About page will have my picture and a brief self introduction, including my contact information such as linkedin, twitter and google+. So I can connect with people who are interested in my blogs. 🙂

Blog Post Wireframe

Blog Post Wireframe

The content of every blog will include some pictures and maybe videos, so i don’t bore you with all the texts. Again, a picture is worth a thousand words. 😀

For people who are interested in learning more about the Balsamiq Mockups, here is a video for your knowledge.


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