Marketing is like dating. Having a successful date leaves both of you (in this case, you and your consumers) happy and excited. It takes time and effort before your consumers decide to commit to you. So you need to make sure you do everything right to make your consumers think you are the right one and start building a long term relationship with you! (woohoo!)

Listen, understand and then DO.


Just like dating, you need to listen to your consumer, understand what they are looking for and do what fits their needs and wants, so at the end of day,  you become part of their lives that they can’t live without you!   In the marketing world, we called it “Brand Utility” , where brand becomes a service, being involved and committed to your consumers, not just about selling or return, but building a closed, long term relationship.

Nowadays, this concept becomes easier to implement as marketers can observe and discover their consumers’ wants and needs from their online behaviors. We live in a digital world that most of us use mobiles, internet and social media. It provides marketers a great opportunity to communicate with their consumers and stay engaging with them constantly (if not all times).

People look for good experience

No one likes a bad date. So don’t make yourself become one. Always give your consumer a good experience so the consumers will come back for the second date, the third date, the fourth… before they notice it, they are in a long term relationship with your brand.

A great example is Zappos. Zappos uses innovative marketing strategies on social media to provide their consumers a great experience. For example, Zappos launched a new mobile app in 2012 called “PinPointing”. Consumers receive product suggestions from Zappos based on the content they pin and find interesting at Pinterest.  It also provides consumers recommendations for holiday seasons or from “featured pinners”. Along with other creative social engagements (on youtube, facebook, twitter etc.), Zappos is able to engage with their consumers all the time with the consistent satisfying service experience. At the end, consumer happily put themselves in long term relationship with Zappos.



Brand utility is not easy. It requires the brand to put a lot of effort and time in order to please the consumers. But the return is tremendous as the consumers will not only stay with your products and services, but also recommend you to other people.

So happy dating your consumers!


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