As marketers, we love innovations!  Either it is from marketing an innovative product or creating an innovative campaign for a “not so innovative’ product, innovation excites us!!


There are so many ways marketers can reach and interact with their existing and potential consumers nowadays.  (digital, social medial, search etc. along with traditional channels such as display, TV, radio.)  It really booms the innovation within the marketing world.

However, we all know that as human beings, we are never lack of ideas. Sometimes the problem is we are overloaded with ideas that  we don’t know are good or bad. Unfortunately, this happens to innovations too.  In the recent years, we have seen some really great innovations the marketers are able to put together in their marketing campaigns.  Their successes have something in common: they all start with great insights from their consumers, get inspired by theses insights and create innovative campaigns based on the insights!! Innovation won’t work without great insights! Innovation is Inner-Vision!!!!!!


One good example is L’Oreal USA’s “Mobile Taxi Shop” campaign, which happened during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2012. It provided free taxi rides during the fashion week and transformed those taxi into mobile shops. Riders can review L’Oreal’s beauty products on the taxi tv screen and snap on products they want to purchase via mobile apps. The campaign received very positive feedback from consumers and it all started with a great insight: consumers do want advertising, but they want it their way. (they want to choose when and how they view ads.)

But other times, we see innovative marketing campaigns that just don’t make any sense.

For example, Facebook’s first commercial “Chairs Are Like Facebook” (see below) probably  leaves most of us scratch our heads after watching it, thinking,” what the hell did I just watch??”

So clearly, Facebook went too far with innovations by trying too hard to impress their consumers . The problem is the consumers don’t see Facebook as “chair”, “bridge” or “dance floor”.  I bet Facebook didn’t do their research enough on consumer insights before they made this ridiculous ad. :p   Not focusing enough on “Inner-Vision” can happen to any brands and consequently it creates terrible innovations.

Of course, “Innovation = InnerVision” is harder than it sounds. Even if you have great insights from your consumers, actual implementation can be tedious and frustrating.  Even in the case of L’Oreal, the actual campaign turned out to be a success, but if you look at their promoting video for the campaign,  you probably will have the reaction similar to the facebook video. (are you one of the people below?)


Innovation is hard, but also so much fun at the same time! That’s the beauty of it! So always remember, Innovation is all about Inner-Vision!!!!!

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