In my old post “How To Be Kick Ass Marketers”, I briefly introduced Songza, an online radio station built by a tech start-up based in NYC.The truth is Songza is my favorite at this moment and I use it almost everyday. (when I am at work, study or just relax)


Too many reasons to count.  And I love it so much that I pretty much recommend it to all my friends!!! 😀

Not just me, everyone who uses Songza loves it! If you check out their reviews in app stores, you will see.

So what makes Songza so special?

The key is the User Experience.

Right now, it’s Tuesday evening at 7:35 pm and when I open Songza’s website, this is what I see:

SC 1

It automatically updates the time of the day, and always gives you five options of activity you will most likely be doing at that moment. Let’s say, I usually go to the gym in the evening after work, so I choose “Working Out” as my choice. It directs me to the next page.

Again another five options. Hmmmm…. I like to listen to fast beat pop music when I work out, so I pick “Pop” for my music genre.

sc 2

Wow, Songza knows me pretty well. So I choose “Drop-a-beat Workout” for my playlist.

sc 3

Then it’s done!!!!

sc 4

The music is on and I am all pumped up for a great workout!

Isn’t this just so easy for everyone to use? You don’t have to struggle with what songs to play anymore. You let Songza do all the work. All you need is to tell it what best fits your mood.

What I love about Songza (other than its awesome selection playlists) is the simpleness and consistency.  It’s not cluttered with information and graphs like most of the other websites and it stays consistency. Either you visit  via web or via mobile app, the page looks exactly the same. The experience you have with songza remains consistent whenever and however you visit it.

Also there are some other sweet small features that positively affect a user’s experience.  You can set one of your favorite songs as alarm clock on your phone. The music never stop even when you switch to a new playlist or log in to your account in the middle of your playlist.  You don’t hear commercials… unlike Pandora where you hear the same commercial again and again… until it drives you nuts! And you can share your playlist with friends on facebook.

Just like how Songza describes themselves “Playlists by Music Experts. 100% Free. No Audio Ads.” It’s beyond awesome!!!!!

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