Every year is a year of innovation.  This is especially true for digital marketers in the year of 2013.  As the technology is booming, new digital marketing creation can happen at light speed.  Digital marketers need to not only think fast, but also act fast, which almost requires the creativity and actions happen spontaneously in the same speed.  Big companies may need to reconstruct the organization for faster responses of marketing efforts and knowledge sharing. New opportunities emerge everyday, but if you want to be the first one to grab it, you have to act fast as a brand and/or as a marketer.  What is more, the innovation efforts must stay consistent and continuous, because as soon as you pause your innovation, you will be left behind.


Mobile continues to be a hot topic for digital marketers in 2013.  According to U.N., “more people have cell phones than clean toilets”, therefore, brands can no longer ignore the power of mobile. Everything needs to go mobile. Your website, your campaigns, your products and all your messages have to be presented on mobile in some forms. Go mobile is particularly crucial for e-commerce as more and more consumers shop on their mobile phones.


We are not just talking about big data here.  In the digital world, data is very accessible. However, they might not be easily measured and analyzed in terms of the outcomes of our digital efforts. Marketers not only need to ss-big-data-brain1collect the data, but also to understand the data.  Marketers have to clearly analyze data  across all marketing channels as well as within one channel. More importantly, they need to know which set of data matters the most to the campaign and can best measure the performance. The right set of data can give us a better look on the ROI of the digital marketing programs, therefore, we can give a clear budget sheet to the finance people in the company without breaking a sweat.



1335508257Integrated_MarketingTraditional marketing channels are here to stay.  Thus, markers need to find a way to better integrate the digital marketing with the traditional marketing seamlessly for the best marketing result.  Integration is also needed within different digital channels such as mobile, search, social and AR, so the brand stays consistent wherever whenever to the consumers and consumers response to the brand in similar ways without any confusion.

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