Creating a WOW experience for your consumers has always been crucial for marketers. After all, it differs you from the competitors and consumers remember you easily because of the WOW moments they have with the products.

Many brands are doing a great job at creating the WOW experiences either through the product or through advertising.  Look at Apple, every time when it launches a new product, people are amazed by the new features it offers. Look at Google and its Google Glass. I didn’t even believe a year ago that Google will actually produce such thing because it just seems impossible. But look at it now, it’s REAL and lots of people believe it as “the NEXT BIG THING”.


Some brands use digital campaign to create the wow experience to their consumers. One of the very recent campaigns called “Buddy Cup” by Budweiser is a great example.  Whether you (as a consumer) will actually use this cup or not in a bar to add someone on Facebook, you will still think the idea is so cool! Why? Because it’s out of the expectation… essential for a WOW experience.   What is more, consumers will associate the brand as fun and very social… which is exactly what Budweiser wants people to perceive.

It’s not always easy to create the ultimate WOW experience. But if your brand ever make one, it works great for your brand!

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