I volunteer a lot, both in college and in New York City.  I have joined many volunteering organizations (for example, New York Cares) and participated as many projects as I can in my spare time. When I choose a company to work for, I would choose one that cares about social justice. Why? Because this is something I am passionate about and I certainly want the company to share a similar passion.

Some people think volunteering is just “being nice”. But in my humble opinion, it’s more than that,  One person can make a difference in social justice by volunteering. We are more powerful than we think. I have learn that from my personal experience, when I was teaching in a rural poor village in China back in summer of 2008. Most of the students had never been outside of their villages and majority of them have never thought about going to college. But now, many of the kids I taught are in good universities in China. In a way, I helped them to realize their dreams and have the courage to dream big. Here is the difference you and me can both make.

If one person can make an impact in social justice, imaging how much of a greater impact a company can do. With the money, sources and people a company owns, they can really change many people’s lives. Some might question, what does it do to the profitability of the company? Just like the business case we read on Tiimberland, does “doing good” bring any good to the stakeholders? Well, it might not seem obvious, as most of the impact can not be measured by dollars. But one thing for sure, is it brings everyone in the company together, to build a stronger culture, to make what everyone does everyday more meaningful. And at the very least, this is something powerful and worth fighting for.

One thought on “Why Social Justice

  1. Berry, your blogs are really good. I like that you share your personal perspective on the topics and argue well for your position. I’d like to see you bring in some of the material from class — maybe for example write a bit about the challenges a company might have with finding the right mix of profit/social justice and how the leader needs to navigate this dynamic — keep up the good work!

    Prof J

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