So what does it mean when big corporations, like JP Morgan Chase, hire minorities, like Mark Settles, to be in a designated position, like the Diversity Recruiting Executive, to solely focus on hiring “diverse” people into the organization, in order to increase the culture diversity?

It reminds me of the old school i went for undergrad, a pretty prestigious public ivy league in the Midwest.  Some people call it “the whitest school”, with nick names such as “J Crew U”. Look up my school name in Urban Dictionary and it will make you laugh pretty hard.  But keep in mind that, these definitions are no joke with 100% accurate. Yes, I went to a school that is famous for not being diverse. And yes, many kids go there because it’s not diverse and somewhat proud of it. And yes, I wasn’t the happiest camper, as a Chinese/minority student, but I did try to make the best out it, by constantly making fun of the scene and laughing off.

The school administration wasn’t too happy about it either, since “lack of diversity” has a negative impact on the school’s rank in many well known university ranking publications. The solution? Recruiting as many international students as they can. The outcome? The number looks great on paper, but not so much in reality. You see more kids with different skin colors walking around the campus. So what? Does it mean the school is diverse? When there is no real interaction and appreciation across different cultures, can we call it diversity, or it’s really just a delusion of what we thought diversity can be.

Not everyone on the earth appreciates diversity and wants to work with people who are different from them.  (I have learned that from my college experience.) So do institutions. Some of them are running just fine and marking great profit, with or without diversity. So why do we care so much about diversity nowadays? Because we truly appreciate its beauty? or just because the world around us are becoming more diverse, and we are forced to accept it? or because, we are so afraid to be called “racist” if we don’t like it?

Here is a question I have put in thoughts for quite some time by now and would also like to raise to the people who are in leadership roles of JP Morgan Chase, my university and many many other institutions that are trying really hard to increase culture diversity.  “If we truly believe people are all the same and should be treated equally, why are we even talking about diversity in the first place? Why are we taught to accept cultural differences, if everyone is indifferent?”  Hey, we all know,”if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”


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